Espial vision helps the visually impaired see the world through real-time vision decoding and the use of specialized glasses. Our vision is to provide our users with real world contextual information using glasses and a simple interface with 2 buttons, a conductive speaker, and a camera. We will provide visually impaired people with the opportunity to know what and who is around them through the camera embedded in the glasses. This will help them navigate in new locations and help them with object detection in their everyday lives.

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Through a combination of specialty glasses that look exactly like prescription glasses and a phone app, we deliver an experience like no other for visually impaired individuals.

Object Detection
Through our software the user can point at any object at any time and get back through voice what is in front of them. The software does not rely on any internet connection, thus making it more reliable.
Facial Recognition
We understand the need for facial recognition for the visually impaired as it is difficult to know the identity of a person from a distance. Our software along with the glasses will give the ability to the user to identify a person.
Navigation & Safety
While connected to a smartphone, the glasses will be able to navigate the user to their destination of choice through voice guidance. The glasses add an extra layer of safety as they can warn of on-coming traffic as well as guide you through the route.
Inductive Speaker
The glasses will have an inductive speaker on the side as to not alter with the person's hearing while wearing the glasses.
Removable Battery
The battery is enclosed in one of the temples of the glasses which is removable and replaceable so the user never has to wait for them to charge.
Million Visually Impaired World Wide
Million Visually Impaired in North America
Billion Spent anuualy in the US alone

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Our team comes from a diverse background working in the field of computer science, learn about our story here

Yaser Alkayale

Yaser Alkayale


Shahzeb Hasnain

Shahzeb Hasnain


Zaher Abd-Ulmoula

Zaher Abd-Ulmoula


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